As a child, my only goals in  life were to draw, read, and hang out with my friends. Life comes full  circle and this is exactly what I am doing now! I am surprised at the  many hats I have put on; daughter, wife, mother, grandmother,  businesswoman, artist, and now, author. I can imagine that there are  more still to come. Each and every way of functioning was wonderful and  fulfilling in it’s own way. I feel that creativity is the dominant role  that is playing out at this point in my life and what a great way to  close the circle!


When Horses Run You Will Know The Meaning Of The Times


“The reason for this book to be written was to give proof as to what  will be found in Atlantis, to prepare the way. There will be proof of  joy and blessings once this book is read. For all of those who share in  this knowledge, greater knowledge will come to them. They will be  blessed and occurrences to begin immediately. Great positive changes  will come about for the souls willing to walk the Path. You are blessed  and joy and healing are with you. Have no despair, you are born to  succeed. All of you on the Earth Plane have chosen success over failure  before reincarnating. This goal will have eternal remembrance. This  remembrance will surface in each and every one of you and will bring  about the conditions we have talked about. Go, my children, go on your  journey in peace and love. We are here to protect and guide you, you  have only to ask.”

Published: 4/25/2013  


Circles of Light: Healing Practices


“Situations will come to the fore in the upcoming years during which  knowledge of the Path will be in the best interests of the creatures  left on Earth. This knowledge will allow safety as well as a mode of  living. We are here to help you; that is our mission, just as yours is  to diminish and eradicate pollution from Mother Earth. When the  earthplane goes into this alignment and shifts on its axis, many souls  will depart, and those who remain will have difficult living conditions.  Our desire is to help you get through these conditions with as much  help as possible from our side of the Veil. We know the problems that  Earth is facing at this point. There is no denying them any longer. What  a great time for a book such as this to come to the fore and give us  the necessary information that will help us with a time frame as well as  methods to mitigate the difficulties! Blessings to all.”

Published: 6/27/2013